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Mobility equipment
at home

Mobility equipment for the home is designed to improve accessibility and provide support for individuals with mobility challenges within their living space. 

When selecting home mobility equipment, it's essential to consider factors such as your mobility level and the layout of your home. Consulting with our experienced team can help you determine the most suitable option for individual needs. Many models offer customisable features to accommodate your specific requirements at home.

Our range of home mobility equipment includes:

Mobility furniture:

  • Mobility furniture for your bedroom and bathroom for added comfort, safety and convenience.


Daily living aids:

  • Equipment to help you perform everyday activities more independently.


Lift chairs:

  • Motorised chairs that lift you to a standing position, easing the process of getting up from a seated position.

  • Chair accessories to provide added convenience.


Walking Aids:

  • Including canes, crutches, and walking frames, providing support for those who need assistance while walking.


  • Stairlifts offering various options to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a slimline, straight, curved, indoor or outdoor stairlift.

  • We are an accredited partner of Acorn Stairlifts, bringing you a premium range of stairlift solutions ready to improve your mobility at home. 

  • View our Acorn stairlifts information


Smart home devices:

  • A range of smart devises to incorporate technology for added convenience and safety in your home.


Visit our Beaconsfield or Uxbridge showrooms to view our mobility equipment and discuss which are the right options for you.

View our full in store ranges here

Featured in-home mobility equipment

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