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Range of Cushions

Range of Cushions

A range of specialist wheelchair cushions, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, to suit your needs. All Harley Wheelchair Cushions are classified as VAT exempt.
Ergoform Cushion Range
This revolutionary moulded range offers protection and comfort. The Ergoform cushion is available in memory foam (pictured) or cold cast polyurethane foam; both with a pressure relieving visco elastic foam insert to protect vulnerable areas.
‘V’ Cushion Range
Memory foam cushions that offer pressure relief and stability. Available in Super, Luxury or Economy options in a range of sizes. Supplied with a zipped, breathable, waterproof cover.
Visco-Tex and Pressure-Tex Cushions
These popular cushions are geometrically contoured into sections which operate independently allowing maximum weight distribution. Visco-Tex is manufactured with an upper profiled surface of memory foam whereas Pressure-Tex is predominantly castellated polyurethane foam. Available in a range of sizes. Supplied with a zipped, breathable, waterproof cover.
Proform Cushion Range
Manufactured in high grade polyurethane foam, with a nodular profile that allows air to circulate freely. Ideal for a variety of situations, whether to elevate an easy chair or in a wheelchair. Available in three standard sizes with coccyx, combi and ringo cut-out options. Supplied with a zipped, suedette cover.
Comfort Plus Cushions
Ideal for most seating situations including a wheelchair or scooter. Lightweight and easy to carry, this cushion is made from high grade polyurethane foam for optimum comfort. Supplied with a zipped, leatherette/vinyl cover.
Ring Cushions
Ring-shaped cushions offering varying degrees of comfort and pressure relief particularly suited to those suffering from haemorrhoids or post-operative trauma. Available in memory foam or polyurethane foam options.
Various cover options are available for all the above cushions

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