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CosiChair Iconic Riser Recliner

CosiChair Iconic Riser Recliner

The Iconic is a Premium Riser Recliner designed by CosiChair
which has a unique Tilt-in-Space (TIS) Quad-Motor function
featuring the Zero Gravity position which evenly distributes the
force & stress across the body, giving total support & comfort
from head to toe throughout movement offering greater natural
postural relaxation. Benefit from the powered lower lumbar
support & true extending footrest extension plus enjoy the
advantage of the fully adjustable powered headrest which offers
personalised head & neck support to watch TV, read a book or sit
up to have a drink.
Designed using the finest fabrics & handmade to the highest
standards, the Iconic offers first class flexibility with regards to &
positioning, with Variable Angle Lift (VAL) adjusting the tilt angle
on lift & the distinctive, automatic adjusting backrest reducing the
angle for exit. This precision & smart technology allows a safe,
controlled standing position with the user-friendly 9 button

  • Technical Specs


    Seat height - 47cm / 181⁄2"
    Seat width - 47cm / 181⁄2"
    Seat depth – 48.3cm / 19"
    Hip to Heel - 94cm / 37"
    Weight limit - 25 stone / 158.8kgs


    Seat height - 50.8cm / 20’’
    Seat width - 50.8cm / 20’’
    Seat depth - 50.8cm / 20’’
    Hip to Heel – 97.8cm / 381⁄2"
    Weight limit - 25 stone / 158.8kgs


    Seat height - 53.3cm / 21’’
    Seat width – 54.6cm / 211⁄2’’
    Seat depth - 53.3cm / 21’’
    Hip to Heel – 101.6cm / 40"
    Weight limit - 25 stone / 158.8kgs

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