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CosiChair Tilmore Riser Recliner

CosiChair Tilmore Riser Recliner

The Tilmore Independent Dual-Motor Riser Recliner is
designed to offer exceptional comfort from head to toe.
Featuring independent control, from a seated position
as the legs raise, the split ottoman footrest opens up &
extends to give greater & longer hip to heel support.
Adjustable, stitched Waterfall Back design offers the
option to reposition the lumbar and head support
maximising the personal comfort level for the head,
next and lower back. The handset has a ‘Home Button’
function which returns the chair to the standard seated
position. The handset includes a practical USB port to
charge a mobile phone or tablet. This Riser Recliner
boasts both twin magazine & useful left & right hand
control pockets.

  • Technical Specs


    Seat height - 47cm / 181⁄2"
    Seat width - 47cm / 181⁄2"
    Seat depth – 48.3cm / 19"
    Hip to Heel - 94cm / 37"
    Weight limit - 25 stone / 158.8kgs


    Seat height - 50.8cm / 20’’
    Seat width - 50.8cm / 20’’
    Seat depth - 50.8cm / 20’’
    Hip to Heel – 97.8cm / 381⁄2"
    Weight limit - 25 stone / 158.8kgs


    Seat height - 53.3cm / 21’’
    Seat width – 54.6cm / 211⁄2’’
    Seat depth - 53.3cm / 21’’
    Hip to Heel – 101.6cm / 40"
    Weight limit - 25 stone / 158.8kgs

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