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Vertex Sport-PURPLE

The Vertex Sport is all about comfort and simplicity. An all-round suspension system protects you from the bumps of rugged pavements, so a quick run to the shops won’t leave you with those all too familiar aches and pains.

This is a highly portable model, too. Easy disassembly lets you break the scooter down into 5 pieces with just one hand. So, whether you’re off on holiday or you’re putting the scooter into storage for winter, you’ll find this a quick and convenient scooter to manage.

The Vertex Sport is an agile mobility scooter, as capable in the limited spaces of a supermarket or busy high street as it is in your own home. The wraparound delta tiller bar is comfy for those with arthritis and other mobility restricting conditions, helping you to stay completely in control.

  • Technical Specs

    • Battery: Equipped with a 20Ah battery, it delivers over 15 miles of uninterrupted travel.
    • Wheels: Features 8” front and rear wheels for stability.
    • Ground Clearance: Offers a ground clearance of 2.6”.
    • Storage: Provides plenty of under-seat storage.
    • Suspension: The all-round suspension system absorbs bumps, ensuring a smooth ride.
    • Portability: Easily disassembles into 5 pieces for storage or travel.
    • Tiller Bar: The wraparound delta tiller bar is comfortable and suitable for those with mobility restrictions.
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