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Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair

Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair

The Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair combines style with function and practicality. It features an excellent lightweight aluminium frame which makes transportation and storage extremely easy. A half-folding backrest, quick-release footrests and rear wheels further facilitates storage and transportation. Grey, two-tone upholstery offers style and is easy to wipe clean alongside soft-touch side panels, a comfortable experience.

  • Technical Specs

    Dimensions - Basic

    Height 92cm (36.2")

    Width 64cm (25.25")

    Length 107cm (42")

    Width (Closed) 32cm (12.5")


    Dimensions - Seat

    Seat Height 52cm (20.5")

    Seat Width 42cm (16.5")

    Seat Depth 39cm (15.4")

    Seat Back Height 41cm


    Dimensions - Hand Grip

    Hand Grip Height 89cm

    Hand Grip Length 11cm (4.25")


    Specification – Weights

    Product Weight 12.9kg (28.4lb)


    Specification – Backrest

    Backrest Width 43cm (16.9")

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