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Topro Pegasus Rollator

Topro Pegasus Rollator

Modern, slender and lightweight carbon rollator where elegant design and functionality are combined to meet users’ expectations. This design combines to guarantee the highest level of TOPRO quality, safety and stability at a weight of just 6.1 kg*

* Weight including shopping bag 6.6 kg.


High level of quality and comfort

Safety, high durability, a patent-pending brake and various sophisticated functions are notable features of the TOPRO Pegasus.

Easy handling and manoeuvrability.

Shock-absorbing tyres and ball bearings in wheels and forks for a comfortable ride.


Safety in the dark

Reflectors on the frame, lock wheels and shopping bag provide 360-degree visibility for safety in the dark.

Sophisticated design

Partly integrated brake cables and modern reflective panels on the frame.

User friendly height adjustment

A numeric scale enables easy adjustment of the handles.

Elegant and practical shopping bag

The elegant rollator design continues with the shopping bag. Detachable and practical, with an internal pocket providing a storage option for small items, such as keys and a purse. 

Its retracted position provides increased forward view to improve user safety. Carries up to 10 kg.



TOPRO Pegasus has a 7-year warranty, except for parts that are exposed to natural wear and tear and damage to the frames. The rollator is tested and approved by TÜV according to EN ISO 11199-2 (standard for security and quality for rollator) and EN ISO 10993-1 (standard for biocompatibility).

  • Technical Specs

    • Available in steel blue, white and red
    • Modern and elegant design
    • Made in Norway
    • Ultra-lightweight
    • Carbon fibre frame
    • Unique Topro Ergo Grip handles
    • Shock-absorbing tyres
    • Reflectors offer 360-degree visibility
    • Folds to compact size
    • Minimum handle height: 790mm (31″)
    • Maximum handle height: 976mm (38.5″)
    • Pegasus Frame: height 1015mm (40″), width 640mm (25″), length 650mm (25.5″)
    • Wheel diameter: 200mm (7.75″)
    • Folded Frame: length 650mm (25.5″), width 273mm (10.75″), height 803mm (31.5″)
    • Maximum user weight: 130 kg (20 stone)
    • 7-Year Warranty
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