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Saljol Allround Rollator (4 wheel walker)

Saljol Allround Rollator (4 wheel walker)

The Saljol Allround Rollator is a crossover rollator that is agile and easy to manoeuvre in the city and a real off-roader in the countryside. The SUV among the rollators is not only usable everywhere, but also a real eye-catcher. Includes standard two-hand brake or one-hand simultaneous brake. In features shock and heat absorbing, UV-resistant, and abrasion-proof cork handles. The Saljol Allround Rollator has good visibility on all sides thanks to over 30 reflectors on frame, tyres, handles, tipping aid, and bag. It weights 6.6 kg including the net bag (which can carry up to 5 kg).


Convertible to one-hand brake

Cork armrests to avoid pressure points on the forearm

Lightweight frame made of aluminium

Comfortable on different terrains

Included bag and seat

  • Technical Specs

    Rollator weight: 6,6 kg
    Maximum user weight: 150 kg
    Maximum bag load: 5 kg
    Sitting height: 62 cm
    Handle height: 81 - 103 cm
    Seat width: 46
    Width unfolded: 61 cm
    Width folded: 21 cm

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