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Rollz Performance Rollator (4 wheel walker)

Rollz Performance Rollator (4 wheel walker)

The Rollz Motion 2.1 is a rollator and wheelchair in one, which comes with a 3-in-1 wheelchair package holder. You can effortlessly transform this modern rollator into a wheelchair and back again. With the Rollz Motion 2.1 you can go out having two mobility aids with you. This stable rollator allows you walk in an upright manner and sit comfortable when you need to rest along the way. It can be adjusted in multiple ways so that it fits individual needs.


Stylish - Award winning Dutch design rollator and wheelchair in one, for going out in style.
Stable - Walk tall and steadily between the ergonomic hand grips that are adjustable in height.
Compact - The Rollz Motion2 is easily foldable into a compact package that fits in almost any car.
Comfortable - The large rear wheels with soft tyres and foam handles ensure a comfortable walk.
Maneuverable - Light steering and easy motion with the maneuverable front wheels.
Easy aid - Cross doorsteps and kerbs easily with the kerb assistant.
Convenient - Rest on a comfortable cushioned seat or transform the rollator into a wheelchair
Safe – Innovative drum brakes, suitable to wet and dry conditions.

  • Technical Specs

    Rollator weight: 11,6 kg
    Wheelchair package weight: 3,4 kg
    Maximum weight capacity: 125 kg
    User height (regular): 1,60 – 1,90 m (regular), 1,50 – 1,85 m (small)
    Seat height: 55 cm (regular), 50 cm (small)
    Handle height range: 87 – 98 cm (regular), 82 – 94 cm (small)
    Seat size rollator: 20 x 45 cm
    Seat size wheelchair: 42 x 45 cm
    Overall width: 67 cm
    Overall length: 63 cm
    Width folded: 31 cm
    Front wheel diameter: 8 inch
    Rear wheel diameter: 12 inch

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