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Rollz Flex Rollator (4 wheel walker)

Rollz Flex Rollator (4 wheel walker)

The Rollz Flex 2 is a very stable and easy manoeuvrable rollator. Compared to the previous version, the Rollz Flex 2 has softer foam-filled tyres, which provides extra comfort. The Rollz Flex 2 is a lightweight rollator with a comfortable seat and a large shopping bag that can carry up to 20 kg. Thanks to a small turning circle, the rollator turns close to you and in tight spaces. A smaller size is also available, with a lower seat, suitable for people with heights between 1.40 m and 1.60 m. The beautiful design hides the 'classic rollator' look.


Stylish - Fully certified rollator with the look of a designer shopper.
Safe - Safe braking in any weather conditions. The brake cables are concealed within the frame.
Convenient – Rest on the leather look seat while having the handlebar as a supportive backrest.
Easy aid – Go over doorsteps and kerbs easily with the kerb assistant, even with a full loaded bag.
Light and compact - The Rollz Flex weighs only 7,7 kg (Regular) / 6,8 kg (Small) and is easily foldable into a compact package.
Manoeuvrable - Light steering and easy motion thanks to the small turning cycle.
Comfortable – Comfortable ride thanks to the soft tyres.
Practical – The large water-resistant bag can carry up to 20 kg. Includes removable inner bag.
Flexible– Easy adjustable handlebar for different heights.

  • Technical Specs

    Rollator weight: 7,7 kg (Regular), 6,8 kg (Small)
    User height: 1,55 – 1.95 cm (Regular), 1,40 – 1,60 cm (Small)
    Seat height: 62 cm (Regular), 52,5 cm (Small)
    Seat width: 44 cm
    Weight capacity: 125 kg
    Overall width: 62,3 cm
    Overall length: 60 cm
    Width folded: 33 cm
    Height: 80 – 100 cm (Regular), 69 – 81 cm (Small)
    Bag capacity: 25 litre/ 20 kg (Regular), 14 liter/ 20 kg (Small)
    Wheel diameter: 8 inch

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