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Quingo Vitess

Quingo Vitess

The Quingo Vitess is incredibly versatile, offering users impeccable handling, superior safety and comfort all in a single mobility scooter. Despite its size and power, the Vitess certainly is not left wanting on agility and handling. In independent research, the 5 wheel Quingo has been proven to be more manoeuvrable than any other 4 wheel scooter of comparable length currently available, giving you the ability to navigate once difficult spaces with ease, comfort and genuine peace of mind.

Ready for the road

Unlike many traditional 4 wheel scooters, the Quingo Vitess comes to you fully road legal, with more power to help you get to where you need to go. With its 400 Watt electric motor, top speed of 8mph and maximum range of 30 miles, the Quingo Vitess not only gets the job done, but gets you there in style and comfort.


  1. 5 wheel safety
  2. 45km travel distance
  3. Powerful 4 pole dual speed motor
  4. 182kg load capacity
  5. Headlights, tail lights & indicators
  6. Digital dashboard with speedo, odometer, clock & ambient temperature gauges.
  • Technical Specs

    Max Speed (mph) 8
    Colour Silver
    Battery Size (ah) 50
    Range (miles) 30
    Maximum User Weight (kg) 182kg
    Overall Length (cm) 139
    Overall Width (cm) 64
    Turning Radius (cm) 113
    Ground Clearance (cm) 12.7
    Total Weight (kg) 142


  • Preloved equipment

    All of our preloved equipment receives a full service and safety inspection. Some items may have cosmetic damage

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