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Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus

  1. 4mph boot scooter
  2. 18ah batteries for more range
  3. Smooth ride and excellent levels of stability
  4. Delta handle bars
  5. Quickly splits apart into 5 pieces for transportation or storage
  • Technical Specs

    Max Speed (mph) 4
    Colour Red
    Battery Size (ah) 18
    Range (miles) 12
    Maximum User Weight (kg) 147
    Overall Length (cm) 100
    Overall Width (cm) 54
    Turning Radius (cm) 116.2
    Ground Clearance (cm) 3.8
    Total Weight (kg) 39.5


  • Preloved equipment

    All of our preloved equipment receives a full service and safety inspection. Some items may have cosmetic damage

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