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Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 4

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 4

Perfect for travelling, PLUS so much more! The Go Go Elite Traveller Plus® offers easy disassembly and includes an ergonomic tiller for one-handed operation. Today’s fast-paced world is no match for this stylish and portable scooter.

Mobility scooter combines power and portability

When it comes to portable mobility scooters, the Go Go Elite Traveller® Plus feels like the ultimate travel hero, travelling up to 4 mph and with a weight capacity of 23 st 3 lbs.

The Go Go Elite Traveller® Plus 4-Wheel proves that you don’t have to sacrifice portability for power. With feather-touch disassembly, it easily disassembles into five lightweight pieces that fit into virtually every car boot, topped with power, comfort, and style.

The secret to this scooter’s superior mileage and portability is in the dual 18-amp-hour batteries. Most portable scooters on the market today come with 10-amp or 12-amp batteries. With the right power, advanced design, and unmatched craftsmanship that comes with a Pride Mobility device, the Go Go Elite Traveller® Plus keeps you moving through all of life’s adventures.

  • Technical Specs

    Weight capacity 23 st 3 lbs (147 kg)
    Maximum speed 4mph (6.4 km/h)
    Ground clearance 38 mm (1.5")
    Turning radius 3W: 876 mm (34.5")
    4W: 1162 mm (45.75")
    Overall length 3W: 1016 mm (40")
    4W: 1023 mm (40.25")
    Overall Width 540 mm (21.25")
    Tyres Front 8" (203mm) solid
    Rear 9" solid (229mm)
    Total weight without batteries 3W: 39 kg
    4W: 39.5 kg
    Heaviest piece when disassembled (Front section) 3W: 14.75 kg
    4W: 16 kg
    Standard seating Type: Folded
    Material: Black Vinyl
    Width: 432 mm (17")
    Depth: 432 mm (17")
    Weight: 23lbs (10 kg)
    Drive System 24-volt DC motor, rear-wheel drive, two-motor
    Dual Braking System Regenerative and electromechanical
    Batteries Quantity: 2
    Type: Sealed lead-acid, deep cycle
    Size: 17 Ah
    Battery weight 13.25 kg
    Battery Charger 2 amp off-board charger
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