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Pride GoGo Elite Traveller
  • Pride GoGo Elite Traveller

    1. Feather-touch disassembly
    2. Includes 2 sets of easily changeable coloured panels in Red & Blue
    3. Front frame-mounted seat post offers maximum stability
    4. Frame design easily disassembles into 4 super lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage
    5. Modular design for easy serviceability
    6. Microprocessor-based controller offers optimal power management and added safety features
    7. Standard front tiller-mounted basket included
    8. Removable deck basked for additional storage (4-Wheel only)
    9. Convenient off-board dual voltage charger can charge battery pack on-board or off-board
    • Technical Specs

      Max Speed (mph) 4
      Colour Red / Blue / Grey
      Battery Size (ah) 12
      Range (miles) 10
      Maximum User Weight (kg) 136
      Overall Length (cm) 100
      Overall Width (cm) 49.5
      Turning Radius (cm) 112
      Ground Clearance (cm) 3.5
      Total Weight (kg) 44.75
      Extras Red, Blue and Grey colour panels all included


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