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Mobility Scooter Canopy

Mobility Scooter Canopy


Introducing the Scooterpac Canopy, the revolutionary all-weather solution for your mobility scooter. Designed to provide unparalleled protection, this universal folding canopy is a game-changer for the elderly, disabled, and those in care homes.

Whether you're facing rain, wind, or harsh sunlight, the Scooterpac Canopy has you covered.

Crafted from specialised waterproof fabric and reinforced with ultra-durable polymer sides, this canopy offers unmatched durability and clarity. It's available in 'Standard' and 'XL' sizes to accommodate scooters of all sizes, ensuring everyone can enjoy its benefits.

Safety is our top priority, which is why we use high-grade rust-proof aluminium for peace of mind in any weather. Our recent upgrades include an even thicker waterproof fabric and super-tough polymer side panels, all topped off with a high-clarity windscreen.

You won't find a better canopy for your scooter. What sets the Scooterpac Canopy apart is its universal fit. It effortlessly attaches to most mobility scooters, and for those with unique mounting designs, custom brackets are available.

Installation is a breeze, taking under 20 minutes for a mobility technician, and unfolding it for use takes less than 30 seconds. Say goodbye to weather worries and embrace worry-free mobility with the Scooterpac Canopy.

    PriceFrom £627.00
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