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Kymco Mini LS - Yellow

Kymco Mini LS - Yellow

The Kymco Mini LS Mobility Scooter is a lightweight but powerful mobility scooter.  Its heaviest part weighs just 19.5 kilograms, and its wireless construction means it comes apart easily for transportation.  For safety when out and about, the scooter features front and rear low power LED lighting.

  • Technical Specs

    Overall Length 42.5" / 108cm
    Battery 2 x 12v - 22a/h
    Max. Range 16 miles
    Max. Speed 4mph
    Maximum user weight 20 stone / 127 kg
    Total weight 119 lbs / 54 kg
    Tyres 9" / 23 cm "Soft Roll" puncture proof.
    Weight of heaviest part 19.5kg / 43 lbs
    Ground clearance 4cm /1.6"
    Seat type Swivel / Comfort
    Turning radius 122 cm / 48"
    Suspension All Round Comfort Suspension System
    Maximum Safe Slope 8 degrees
    Overall Width (in inches) Wheel to Wheel 52 cm / 20"

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