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Komfy Rider Liberator

Komfy Rider Liberator

Some of the simplest pleasures are the most liberating, such as getting out and about! Now you can enjoy your freedom even more with the Liberator Mobility Scooter!

This sensational mobility scooter offers superb comfort, unbeatable support, and impressive speed, all in one stylish package. The advanced all-around suspension provides a smooth ride on almost any terrain, while the highly manoeuvrable design and powerful 50 Ah batteries deliver high-performance on every drive, able to reach speeds of up to 8mph. Another liberating feature of this mobility scooter is its unique compact design. This, combined with its fantastic manoeuvrability, makes it a real winner for navigating those more narrow areas and trickier spaces such as alleyways, busy streets, and shopping precincts. It also makes The Liberator extra convenient to store and transport.

It’s clear that comfort has been given full consideration too, with the Liberator’s fully adjustable luxury Captain seat guaranteeing a superbly comfortable ride, whether you’re popping to the shops or you’re off for a leisurely cruise around your local park. The smart, gas-assisted tiller also makes getting in and out of your scooter simple.

Other great functional and user-friendly extras include the easy-to-use Delta handlebar, high visibility rear view mirrors and bright front and rear LED lights to allow you to both see and be seen clearly, day and night. With its impressive power, compact design, luxury comfort, and smart range of safety features, the Liberator Mobility Scooter is suitably named. This reliable, versatile mobility car lets you enjoy your freedom trouble-free, whether you’re heading just down the road, or off on a delightful day trip with family or friends.

  • Technical Specs

    • Max user weight capacity 25st / 159kg

    • Max Speed 8 mph

    • Range up to 40 km / 25 miles

    • Min tuning radius 1250mm / 49’’

    • Overall length 1230mm / 48.5’’

    • Overall width 630mm / 24.8’’

    • Adjustable seat height

    • Luxury Captain Seat

    • Front tyre size 254mm / 10’’

    • Rear tyre size 254mm / 10’’

    • Max ground clearance 110mm / 4’’

    • Battery 2 x 12V 50AH

    • 5A off-board charger

    • LED lights front and rear

    • Full front and rear suspension

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