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Invacare Orion

The Invacare Orion is a scooter designed for those who need assistance with mobility while travelling easily and comfortably outdoors. This scooter has a maximum weight capacity of 136kg and a top speed of 8mph, and a range of 25 miles making it suitable for users who want to travel long distances.

 The Orion features an ergonomically designed steering system, allowing for easier and more responsive control. The scooter automatically reduces speed around bends, ensuring safe and comfortable maneuvers. With all-round suspension, it navigates various surfaces and terrains smoothly, providing a controlled and sturdy drive. 

  • Technical Specs

     Max Speed (kmh): 12.00

     Max User Weight (kg): 136

     Range up to (km): 40.00

     Portable: No

     Light: Yes

     Suspension: Yes

     Off Board Charging: No

     Battery size: 75Ah

     Swivel Seat: Yes

     Length (cm): 132

     Width (cm): 65

     Height (cm): 119

     Turning Radius (cm): 275.00

     Ground Clearance (cm): 10.00

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