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Icon 35 Wheelchair

Icon 35 Wheelchair

Prices start from £349.00


Relaxed excursions or travel by car, train, and plane despite limited mobility? Yes, it is possible! The ICON 35 transport wheelchair series is light and compact. For transport, the wheelchair can be easily folded and stored. ICON 35 is a reliable companion for everyday situation and when travelling; both for the user and the accompanying person.


ICON 35 is available in two versions: Lx (luxury version) and Bx (basic version) starting at a weight of only 8.2 kg. Both versions can carry loads of up to 125 kg. The ICON 35 models offer an ergonomic seat and back angle, which allows for an excellent sitting position. ICON 35 Lx is also equipped with a high-quality ergonomic seat and back cushion as well as adjustable armrests for more support and pressure relief.

  • Technical Specs

    Product name ICON 35 LX
    Colours Ice blue
    Seat height [cm] 45
    Seat width [cm] 50
    Front wheel diameter 7''
    Rear wheel diameter 14''
    Seat Depth 40
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