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HurryCane Comfort Edition

HurryCane Comfort Edition

The Hurrycane gives three points of contact for superior balance and stability. It also pivots to help the user maintain balance on inclines, uneven ground and shifting terrain. The large three tip base conveniently stands on its own when not in use.

The comfort edition features an improved larger moulded handle to fit the hand and contains new pastel colours; blue, green, pink and black.

Models available include -
HCANE2-BLK - HurryCane Comfort (Black)
HCANE2-PBL - HurryCane Comfort (Pastel Blue)
HCANE2-PGR - HurryCane Comfort (Pastel Green)
HCANE2-PPK - HurryCane Comfort (Pastel Pink)

  • Technical Specs

    SKU Label Length Barcode User Weight Capacity Wrist Strap
    HCANE2-BLK HurryCane Comfort Edition - Black 77.5-95cm (30.5-37.4") 6974001595435 159kg (25st) Yes
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