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Harley Ring Cushions
  • Harley Ring Cushions

    Original Ring Cushion

    Constructed from moulded polyurethane foam. Contoured profile provides ultimate comfort and relief. Provides relief to endangered areas when sitting for longer periods. Lightweight and easy to transport. Fitted cotton inner cover. Size: 44cm (17½") diameter x 8cm (3") deep. 


    Nodular Ring Cushion

    Post operative trauma and haemorrhoids are just two of the conditions that can make sitting a painful experience. - Nodular shaped polyurethane foam allows air to circulate freely - Takes pressure away from endangered areas - Complete with its own discreet cover - Tartan cover (as standard)


    Designer Ring Cushion

    Moulded visco elastic memory foam has revolutionised this concept offering increased comfort and pressure relief. - The Designer Ring allows the user to sit for longer periods as visco elastic foam conforms to the body and literally 'moulds as you move' - Reduces interface pressure on the body - Superbly comfortable and pressure relieving

      PriceFrom £34.99
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