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Grab & Go Walking Stick

Grab & Go Walking Stick

The Freestyle Grab and Go Walking Stick is a versatile mobility aid that doubles as a grabber to help you retrieve small items. It features a lightweight and comfortable design with an ergonomic rubber handle grip and a stylish two-tone colour scheme. The grabber jaw is located at the bottom of the stick and can be activated using the handle lever. To use, simply pull the handle to open the jaw and release it to close it. This makes it ideal for picking up items like gloves, pens, keys, and glasses. The Freestyle Grab and Go Walking Stick is available in a range of different lengths to suit the user's needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Two-in-one mobility aid
  • Walking stick and grabber combined
  • Sleek attractive two-tone design
  • Easy grip ergonomic rubber handle
  • Grabber jaw retrieves small items


  • Available lengths: 813mm (32"), 864mm (34") and 914mm (36")
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