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Freestyle 3 Wheel Walker
  • Freestyle 3 Wheel Walker

    The Freestyle Three Wheel Rollator with a stylish silver frame is one of the lightest rollators on the market, giving you outstanding strength and stability while also being easier to manoeuvre around tighter spaces.

    The three large wheels help make it easier to navigate small obstacles like steps or kerbs, making this a nippy mobility aid to use while you’re out and about.

    This silver rollator has ergonomically designed handles that are fully height adjustable to give it a customised feel. It also has a spacious clip-on bag held in the middle of the rollator, so you can keep any personal items to hand.

    For easier storage, the frame features an innovative self-locking folding mechanism that makes it quick and straightforward to fold down.

    We are delighted to tell you that the NRS Healthcare Freestyle 3 Wheel Rollator has been tried and tested by our team of Occupational Therapists who are proud to give it the OT Recommended seal of approval.

    All OT Recommended products are tested for their functionality, ease of use, safety, and value for money.

    This product comes with a 2 year guarantee.

      PriceFrom £119.99
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