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Pride Baja Bandit

Pride Baja Bandit

No Limits. No Holds Barred.

The beaten path may be for most, but not for you. There’s a whole world beyond the road more traveled just waiting to be explored. For the bold and the daring, this is the outdoor mobility scooter you’ve been waiting for.

The Baja Bandit is here to push the limits. It’s rugged. It’s fast. It’s uncompromising as a conduit for outdoor adventure. Exactly how Baja Mobility is defined.

Are you ready to exceed expectations? Get ready for a journey of unforgettable off-road thrills. Hop on the Bandit and feel the adrenaline rush. Where the destination lies is up to you and your imagination.


Lighter, Faster, and Built for the Bold.

Venture with confidence knowing you’re equipped with the perfect blend of power and agility for all your journeys. An impressive ground clearance of 4.5” will get you through those rough spots with ease, and you’ll be flying on flatter stretches with a top speed of 8 mph. With a 400-pound weight capacity and an upgradable dual lithium-ion battery configuration that delivers up to a 29-mile range, the Bandit is built to defy the elements – and keep you moving all day.

Kick it into high gear and let the Bandit do all the dirty work while you cruise in comfort. You’ve got full suspension right on the seat post to absorb all the shocks. So don’t be afraid to rough it up a little when things get bumpy.


For Bandits that want the real steal.

Escape from the ordinary and depart from the beaten path. You’ll need a ride as gutsy as you, one that won’t blink when confronted with challenging territory. Break through those barriers! Experience a feeling unlike any other.

Fully loaded to get the job done and then some, the Baja Bandit takes a spirited step forward in our renowned Baja Mobility line. Take that same step with us and UNLEASH YOUR ZOOM. Become the Bandit you’ve always wanted to be.


Baja® Bandit 4-Wheel Features:

  • 4.5" of ground clearance to tackle uneven terrain
  • 400 lb. weight capacity
  • Combine durability and speed and cruise up to 8 mph
  • 53" turning radius
  • Infinite tiller adjustment lever
  • Convenient USB port for charging your devices
  • Full LED lighting package for maximum visibility
  • Full bumper package (standard)
  • Supplemental hand brake for additional stopping power.
  • Feather-touch disassembly
  • Seat post designed with full suspension for comfort and stability
  • The upgradable dual lithium-ion battery configuration will deliver up to a 29-mile range on a single charge. (14.5 miles with the standard single lithium-ion battery)
  • 3-year warranty on lithium-ion battery
  • Color options include Sage and Tan
    • Technical Specs


      Baja® Bandit 4-wheel

      Model Number


      Number of Tires


      Front Tires2

      9" solid

      Rear Tires2

      9" solid

      Maximum Speed1

      Up to 8 mph

      Ground Clearance2

      1.57" at motor skid plate
      2.68" at front bumper
      4.45" at mid-deck

      Turning Radius2


      Overall Length2


      Overall Width2


      Seat-to-Floor Height


      Standard Seating

      Type: Stadium seat with slider
      Material: Black Vinyl
      Width: 18.31"
      Depth: 17.32"
      Weight: 34.8 lbs.

      Weight of Heaviest Piece

      71 lbs.

      Weight Without Batteries5

      162.6 lbs.

      Battery Weight6

      20Ah: 20.8 lbs.
      40Ah: 35.2 lbs.

      Battery Requirements3,4,6

      Type: Lithium-ion battery pack Size: 20Ah or 40Ah

      Range Per Charge1,4

      20Ah Battery Pack:
      Up to 14.5 miles at 220 lbs.
      Up to 11.25 miles at 400 lbs.

      40Ah Battery Pack:
      Up to 29 miles at 220 lbs.
      Up to 22.5 miles at 400 lbs.

      Battery Charger

      4-amp, off-board charger


      Full suspension

      Drive System

      Rear-wheel drive, sealed transaxle, 36-volt DC motor

      Dual Braking System

      Regenerative and electromechanical

      Maximum Weight Capacity

      Up to 400 lbs.

      HCPCS Code

      K0899 Power Mobility Device not coded by DME PDAC. DME providers are responsible for determining appropriate billing codes when submitting for insurance reimbursement. HCPCS codes provided should not be considered as legal advice and not guarantee reimbursement. Payer coding, coverage and bundling guidelines may apply.


      Lifetime Limited on Frame
      2-year limited on drivetrain
      2-year limited on electronics
      3-years on lithium-ion battery

      Color Options

      Sage, Tan

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